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Updated March 7, 2019

Here's what's new:

Thinking about learning to fly? Do you want to fly for a living? Would you like to refresh your knowledge for your flight review? If so, then the place to start is with Rod Machado's new 40-hour+ private pilot eLearning ground school. This eLearning course prepares you to take the private pilot knowledge exam and provides the foundation of knowledge needed to make your flight training a more enjoyable experience. Watch video or click here to learn more. 


It's here. My new 8-hours interactive eLearning course titled, "Secrets of Instrument Approaches and Departures" is now available. Check it out.

This will be an eight hour interactive eLearning course that will cover all the things that pilots typically miss during instrument training and/or their last instrument proficiency check.  Here's a short clip of what you can expect in this highly educational eLearning course: 




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ACS: Don't Celebrate Just Yet
Flight instructors! Remove those party hats, collect the confetti and deflate those balloons because this is no time to celebrate. Celebrate what? I'm speaking of celebrating the FAA's semi-reinstatement of full-stalls in the June 2018 Commercial Airplane ACS.

t turns out that due to the good workings of organizations such as S.A.F.E., the FAA elected to partially reinstate requirement for commercial pilot applicants to perform full stalls instead of recovery at the first indication of a stall (which is typically the horn or light, neither of which is an actual indication of a stall). As the Commercial Airplane ACS excerpt below shows, the DPE (Designated Pilot Examiner) can decide for him- or herself whether or not to have the applicant perform full stalls. What was once a certification standard (i.e., full stall demonstration) is now a certification suggestion, as in Airman Certification Suggestions.

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Be Here Now
If you missed my latest blog post, please take a look at my newest safety article. It's titled, "Be Here Now." If you've reached for the gear handle thinking it was the flap handle or taxied into position for takeoff without being told to line-up-and-wait, then this is the article you want to read. Many small environmental triggers can activate pre-programmed behaviors (schemas) that compel us to act without our being consciously aware of this process. While this isn't much of an issue at home, it's a big deal in the air. Here's an article that might help explain why this occurs.

I have so many training videos on other sites, such at YouTube, and many of my readers are unaware of these programs. That's why I recently added a new section to my blog titled, "Training Videos." I'll eventually have all my social site (public) training videos available in my blog. Here's an example of one training video that all students should watch.