Free: Flight Instructor "e"Teaching Tools


Greetings Folks:
   I'd like to offer you the use of these FREE CFI eTeaching interactive tools. These tools are intended to make your job easier and more enjoyable. If you have an idea for an eTeaching aviation tool, let me know. I might be able to create it for you. More tools on the way.
   You can download the link to this page on your iPad/iPhone or tablet device and use each eTeaching tool during your ground training sessions. Also, if you'd prefer to keep these eTeaching tools resident on your iThingy, then download the FREE Articulate Mobile Player app from the Apple store or the Google Play store. Opening any of the links below when this App is on your iThingy will offer you the choice of permanently downloading these teaching tools.
  Also, please visit my CFI Resources blog page for information that can help you pursue a CFI certificate.


Using "Chrome" as your browser is recommended for all sliders. Internet connection required for all sliders.

Angle of Attack eTeaching Tool

Induced Drag vs. Height AGL eTeaching Tool

Glide Distance vs. Airspeed eTeaching Tool

Stall Speed vs. Bank Angle eTeaching Tool

Power Curve/Airspeed/Rate eTeaching Tool

Altimeter Teaching Tool

Frontisde E6-B eTeaching Tool

Windside E6-B Teaching Tool

Class E Airspace eTeaching Tool

Class D Airspace eTeaching Tool

Class C Airspace eTeaching Tool

Class B Airspace eTeaching Tool

TRSA Airspace eTeaching Tool

Class E Airspace Floors eTeaching Tool

VFR Weather Minimums Class E eTeaching Tool

Airspace Memory Aid Graphic 

VOR Simulator