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Rod Machado

Changes to the Instrument Pilot's Handbook 

Change: Issued on 7-16-2021
Chapter-13 , Page 13-17
The text shown in pink in the picture below is the corrected text for Page 13-17.

Change: Issued on 6-20-2021
Chapter-17 , Page 17-5, Figure 7: Graphic Below Changed
Graphic changed to accurately reflect that no clearance is required to hold short of the runway approach area hold lines (since it is a taxiway--Delta) unless ATC specifically requests that you hold at these solid double-yellow lines.

Chapter-8, Page 6-41, Figure 52 correction:
Graphic #1 incorrectly shows that ADS-B is required below the lateral limits of Class B and C airspace (it's not). Graphic #2 correctly shows the ADS-B requirement. Please correct this in your book. 

Graphic #1

Graphic #2

Changes to the Instrument Pilot's Handbook on 10-29-2020

Figure 20 on Page 17-11 is shown below. Figure 19 was incorrectly placed in Figure 20's slot. .

Changes to the Instrument Pilot's Handbook on 08-28-2020

Page 6-5: Change the values in your book to those circled in magenta.

Changes to the Instrument Pilot's Handbook on 07-26-2020

Page 8-24: Insert at bottom of page has been updated and reads as follows:

 Page 12-8: Please correct your text. The correct words are highlighted in the graphic below: 

Changes to the Instrument Pilot's Handbook on 07-9-2020

Page 8-7 in Chapter 8: The following "highlighted" change was made to the graphic at the bottom of this page. I removed the part that suggested an instructor is required to be present when using a FFS/ATD/FTD (sim) to gain or regain your currency.

Changes to the Instrument Pilot's Handbook on 05-25-2020

Page 7-16: The following "highlighted" change was made to the insert at the bottom of this page:
Page 11-27: The following change was made to the text in column one of this page:

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