Rod Machado's (NEW) Private/Commercial Pilot Handbook


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Rod Machado 


Update 6-12-2024
Chapter 16, Page 16-17
Weight shift problem #5B's answer should be 145 lbs., not 109 lbs.

Update 6-7-2024
Chapter 13, Page 13-32
The yellow highlighted area has been added to this paragraph.

Update 4-5-2024
Chapter 9, Page 3, Figure 1:
Figure 1 is updated to reflect altitudes above FL600 are now being called, "Upper Class E Airspace." We don't talk about this in this book because it's irrelevant to private pilots (unless you happen to be directly above a volcano when it blows).

Update 2-7-2024
Chapter 2, Page 2-25, Figure 43:
In the caption below, the highlighted text has changed from "doubles" to "quadruples."

Update 9-24-2023
Chapter 10, Page 10-12:
Oroville airport replaced the previously listed "Chico" airport in the text below.

Chapter 10, Page 10-13:
Figure 37, position B on page 10-13 has been changed to show Oroville airport and its ASOS station.

Update 6-20-2023

Chapter 2, Page 2-62:
The V or velocity in the drag formula is based on "true airspeed," not "calibrated airspeed."

Update 6-15-2023
Chapter 6, Page 6-52:
The text in the book had been changed to the text highlighted in yellow.

Update 1-1-2023
Chapter 16, Page 16-17:
The correct answer to Weight and Balance problem 5C is shown below.

Update 1-1-2023
Chapter 2, Page 2-65:
The highlighted word in yellow shown below is the correct word. The book shows "decreases" which is incorrect.