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Secrets of Instrument Approaches and Departures

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"Things Your Instructor Never Told You About IFR Charts and Procedures"
8-Hours of Interactive eLearning - Updated to 2024 standards. THIS IS AN ONLINE COURSE. You have lifetime access and this course is always current and updated frequently. 
Videos can be downloaded to iPad/Android Tablet devices.

NOTE: This eCourse is included in the Instrument Pilot eGround School. 

Rod Machado's NEW 8-hour interactive eLearning course titled, Secrets of Instrument Approaches and Departures is now available! If you’re an active IFR pilot or preparing for an IPC or even your ATP or IFR rating, then this course is for you. Why? Because the IFR pilot’s weakest link is approach and departure knowledge as it relates to instrument charts.

I've spent many many years of traveling around the country discussing instrument procedures with GA and Airline pilots. During that time it became apparent to me that pilots were asking very similar questions about things for which they couldn't find answers but needed to know to fly IFR safely and confidently. Well, that's what this course is about—providing answers to these questions and more. So let me be your instrument knowledge resource here in this eight-hour course. I know you’ll find it educational, interesting and thought-provoking, regardless of your ratings or skill level.

Here is a brief outline of course contents:

1. Artful IFR Approaches - 11 videos, quiz
2. Inside the Briefing Strip - 6 videos, quiz
3. Having What It Takes: Equipment Needed to Fly the Approach - 12 videos, quiz
4. Plan Views and Profiles: How to Get There From Here - 14 videos, quiz
5. Course Reversals: Turning Around Without Getting Turned Around - 12 videos, quiz
6. DAs, MDAs & the ALS: How Low Can You Go? - 16 videos, quiz
7. LNAV, APVs & RNPs: Demystifying RNAV (GPS) Approaches - 16 videos, quiz
8. To the Airway and Beyond: Instrument Departure Strategies - 13 videos, quiz

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