Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot eGround School Updates

Updates to Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot eGround School.

Note: All updates shown below are immediately incorporated into the eCourse. 


Updates 6-19-2024
 Added new video on IFR Cruising Altitudes to FAR Part-3, Section 8, Module 8.2.

Updates 4-20-2024
Added new video titled, "Maximum and Minimum Speeds on an Approach Chart. Video added to the Profiles and Plan Views Module, Section 1.10.

Updates 3-24-2024
This updated includes: general updates, video enhancements, and audio quality enhancements.

Updates 1-5-2024
I replaced the video titled, Creasing a Holding Pattern Orienter in the IFR eCourse. This video is located in the Holding Pattern module, Section 5.4. I incorrectly used a 30-degree offset when I should have used a 20-degree offset in creating the 70-degree reference line. I've corrected this and made creation of the holding orienter simpler. If you downloaded the holding pattern module into your Machado eCourse app please remove it and upload the newest Holding Pattern module.


Updates 12-8-2023
Added Aileron and Tailplane Ice Recovery Techniques video to the Understanding Weather Part-7 module, section 1.10.

Updates 11-7-2023
BIG! Update.
The Aviation Weather Center changed the basic structure of the GFA (Graphical Forecast for Aviation) a few weeks ago. Every GFA section has been updated in all my products (i.e., eBooks, Audiobooks and the Private Pilot and Instrument Pilot eCourses). The New GFA information is found in the Weather Charts section of all the previously mentioned items. Check it out for yourself. Do keep in mind that the GFA is not required knowledge for any FAA knowledge exam with the exception of Static Weather Images found on the AWS website. Nevertheless, I find the new GFA portal very helpful in flight planning. I think you will too once you understand how to use it ( In addition, both the private and instrument eCourses have been updated with the newest FAA test questions that should be valid into much of 2024.

Updates 9-8-2023
Added: Minimum Turning Altitudes to the IFR Enroute Charts section.
The new video is located in Module 1, video 1.30.

Updates 8-10-2023
Over the past three weeks course notes and explanations have been added to the NOTES tab in the quizzes (except for the final quiz) for all modules. These notes and explanations help you better understand the correct answer to the quiz questions should you answer a question incorrectly.

Update 7-26-2023
I've added a video titled, "Dehydration and Heatstroke and OTCs" to Humans-The Plane Brain-Part-1, Section 3, Module 4.3.

Update 5-24-2023
Your Flight Instruments, Part-2, Section 6.4
Added a new "Extra Credit" video to Section Six titled, Solid State Gyros (MEMS). This information is entirely for your edification and is not covered on any knowledge exam. It's just good info to know.


Update 4-20-2023
IFR Preflight Planning Part-1 and Part-2
The entire IFR Preflight Planning section has been redone using ForeFlight as the cross country flight planning app. The structure and information are relatively similar to the previous version. This version updates the process of IFR flight planning to replicate how many IFR students now complete that task.

Update 2-16-2023
A Plan for the Scan, Part-2
Added two new videos on bracketing the CDI and the Glideslope needle to Section 7, videos 7-9 and 7-10.

Update 2-8-2023
Understanding the IFR System, Video 1.10
Replaced static image of Required Reports to ATC with video.

Update 1-27-2023
Electronic Navigation Part-1, Module 4, Video 4.2 : 
I've added a new video on Navaid Standard Service Volume Classifications.

Update 11-21-2022
FAR Part-1, Module 6, Video 6.4: I've updated the BasicMed video to reflect the allowance for pilots operating under BasicMed to act as a safety pilot without having to also act as PIC of the flight.

Added new video titled, "How to Handle Tough HSI Test Questions" to Electronic Navigation Part-2, Section 1.6.

Added 8-23-2022
Several small changes were made to several sections of this eCourse and the IFR Handbook. Here are those changes.

Enroute Charts
The highlighted item below has changed from Section E to Section M.

Flight Planning - Part-2
The highlighted section below shows the change from D to FDC NOTAMS.

Added 8-15-2022
Added new video module to "RNAV (GPS) Approaches" titled "WAAS Approach Numbers," section 1.17.

Added 8-13-2022
Added new video module to GPS Tips & Techniques titled, "Flying an Airway With GPS" at section 1.12.

Update 8-8-2022
Added RAIM test video using Garmin GTN 750 to Part-2 of Electronic Navigation, Section 4, Module 4.7.

Update 6-12-2022
Added Module 5.4 titled, "How DME Arcs Are Actually Flown" to Electronic Navigation Part-1, Section 5.

Update 6-4-2022
Updated Understanding Weather Part-5, Section 1, Module 1.18, titled, "Rare Clouds."
I added an interaction allowing students to see several rare types of cloud formations.

Update 5-28-2022
Added all new narration to the video segment titled, "FAE 91.177 Minimum altitudes for IFR Operations. FAR Part-3, Section 8, Module 8.1.

Update 5-25-2022
Added new video titled "RAIM Failures and GPS Approaches" to Part-2 of Electronic Navigation, Section 4, Module 4.6.

Update 5-24-2022
Added new video titled "Before You Begin" to Part-1 of Flight Instruments, Section 1, Module 1.4.
This is an introduction to this module on Flight Instruments as well as an overview of how this course if laid out. Please watch this video if you haven't already done so. It's very important.

Update 5-23-2022
Added new video titled, "Windshear and Flying the ILS" to Part-2 of A Plan for the Scan, Section 1, Module 1.5.

Update 3-22-2022

Your Flight Instruments, Part-2, Section 1 (The Attitude Indicator)
I've combined videos 1.2 and 1.3 on the attitude indicator into a single video 1.2 titled, "The Attitude Indicator." I've updated this video aesthetically, with no technical changes made. Video 1.3 (Attitude Indicator Errors) is left unchanged.

Update 3-19-2022
I've added a video to "Electronic Navigation Part-1," Section 5 "Distance Measuring Equipment," slide 5.2. The added video is titled,  "The Radio Magnetic Indicator." I wanted the reader to have a more detailed understanding of the RMI so as to better understand how to use it to fly DME arc approaches.

Update 3-15-2022
I've added an 11 minute video to Electronic Navigation, Part-2, Section 1, Video 1.3 titled "The Big Picture of IFR Flying." The reason for this is that instrument ground school involves studying quite a few topics that don't ordinarily and easily flow as building blocks from one to the other. For instance, it's necessary to give you an understanding of IFR regulations (i.e., lost communications, alternate requirements, etc.) before I can properly present the details of instrument charts. This video provides a big picture introduction to instrument charting so as to make these concepts easier to understand earlier in the course. 

Update 2-24-2022
Added Module to the IFR Enroute Charts module (1.21) on "Intersection Climb Rates." This information is not on the exam but it is good to know, nevertheless.

Update 2-6-2022
Updated module 1.21 (Course Reversals) in the RNAV (GPS) Approaches Module. Changed AIM reference with respect to when a course reversal is required.

Update 1-31-2022

Updated graphics for the Area Navigation Modules in Electronic Navigation Part-2. Sections 3 and 4 were updated.
I created GPS units that are closer to the Garmin 530, removing the generic GPS unit videos in the eCourse.

Update 11-14-2021
The "Haze Illusion" discussed in "The Pilot's Brain - Part-2, Section 4.1" has been corrected. The corrected text and verbiage now reads as shown by the magenta color below.

Update 11-04-2021
Added "IFR Lost Comm Scenario" video to FAR Part-3, Section 9.5.

Update 11-03-2021
Added 3D view of inner ear to The Human Brain, Part-2, Section 2.3.

Update 10-23-2021
Updated LNAV, APV and RNP: Demystifying RNAV (GPS) Approaches, Section 1.11, WAAS Up?

Update 10-19-2021
Added "Solving Actual Exam
'Holding' Problems" video to Holding Patterns, section 5.4.

Update 10-19-2021
Added "The Side-Step Maneuver" segment to "Pilot Potpourri - Part-2," section 4.2.

Update 10-18-2021
Added "GPS: Even More Details" to  "Electronic Navigation Part-2," Section 4.3.

Update 10-17-2021
Added "The Forces in a Turn" to  "Your Flight Instruments Part-2," Section 3.4.


Update 10-14-2021
Added "Runway Declared Distances" video in Pilot Potpourri, Part-1, Section 2, Video 2.9.

Update 10-8-2021
Added Tri-Color VASI Information to IFR Pilot Potpourri, Part-1, Slide 4.4.

Update 9-23-2021

Added new module to "LNAV, APV and RNPs: Demystifying RNAV (GPS) Approaches."
See Module 1.19 RNAV Legs.
This module discusses RNAV leg terminology used in approach chart construction and by modern GPS units.

Update 9-15-2021
Added new module to "A Plan for the Scan - Part-2."
See Module 3 titled, "Making Transitions."
This module contains six new videos that help explain how certain transitions are made in an airplane when flying instruments.

Update 9-2-2021
Added new video on Time, Distance and Fuel Computation to Flight Planning, Part-2, Section 7.3

While I expect anyone studying for the IFR Knowledge Exam to have retained the knowledge necessary to create a flight log, I decided to offer a quick review of this process in term of an IFR reroute situation.

Update 8-22-2021
Added new video on Aviation "Watch" Notices to the "Weather Charts" Module, Section 14.18.
I've added this video to explain the FAA's emphasis on watch notices for the Instrument Pilot Knowledge exam. The "Watch" notice is actually a handy little notice that can be of value if you use it.

Update 8-7-2021
Added a new slide to introduce how the GPS Missed Approach Point is determined. This was added to "RNAV GPS Approaches, Section 1.18."

Update 8-1-2021
Added New Interaction to "A Plan for the Scan Part-1," Section 2, Slide 2.5
I've added this interaction to help you identify the primary instruments in other attitude conditions.

Update 7-15-2021
Added New Interaction to Pilot Potpourri-Part 1, Section 2, Slide 2.10
I've added an interaction that lets you see airport signs as they appear on the airport instead of being only isolated signs on paper.

Update on 7-8-2021:
Electronic Navigation Part-2, Quiz 1.13:
The ILS omni heads in these two questions (top right of the graphic) have been replaced. The correct ILS omni heads are shown below:


Update on 6-30-2021:
New Course Section Added - How to Use This eCourse
This section was added to the very top of your course links. 

Update on 6-4-2021:
Electronic Navigation: Part-2, Section 2.3

Added new video titled, "Making an Early Missed Approach."