Rod Machado's Private Pilot Workbook Updates


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Rod Machado

The following are updates for Rod Machado's Private Pilot Workbook (newest updates first).

The following are corrections or update for Rod Machado's Private Pilot Workbook. Please look at the changes or corrections below and make a note of these changes on a Post-it and place it next to the area that changed in your book.

Update on 2-20-2024
Page 7-10, Figure 6.
Figure 6 was not correctly shown in the workbook. Here is the correct picture below.

Update on 10-8-2022
Page K42 and the Stage 2 Exam #27:
This question is no longer relevant since the number of GPS satellites in orbit has changed over time. Please eliminate it from your study.



How many satellites are in the GPS constellation?
C. 22


Update on 2-21-2022
On Page N19 of Chapter 14, the correct answer to question #136 is B.

Update on 2-5-2022
On page M14, the following question and correct answers should look like this:  

Update on 5-26-2021
On page G13, Answer #124 is A (not C). Question #125 was removed. 

Update on 3-22-2021
On page G6, Chapter 7, Question #43, answer A has been changed to read as shown by answer A below. 


Update on 11-25-2020
On page 014, Chapter 15, the updated answer to Question 28 is shown here:

On page 014, Chapter 15, question #30 has changed and the new answer is shown here (it's the same question but I am now asking for the distance to land and not the distance to land over a 50 foot obstacle):

Update on 10-29-2020
On page 013, Chapter 15, the answer to Question 20 is B as shown here:

Update on 1-1-2020
On page Q11, Chapter 17, the question should read as follows" 

On page Q12, the answer to question #110 is B


Update on 4-1-2018
On page O14, Chapter 15 answers, the answer to question 36 is C. 


Update on 2-16-2018
On page P3, Chapter 16, the graphic should look like this. The answer remains the same (A). The arm on the right side of the fulcrum is 6 feet, not 11 feet.