Rod Machado's 40-Hour Private Pilot eLearning Ground School Updates

New videos added to the eLearning ground school are identified below. Please review the updated video to add/update your knowledge. 

Added Videos or Updates:

Update 12-18-2022
Airport Operations: I've updated the graphics on several videos in this module (i.e., 1.3 Airport Layout, 18.1 Wake Turbulence, along with a few other minor video updates) . The information hasn't changed. Please redownload this module to update your downloaded videos. 

Update 11-21-2022
FAR Part-1, Module 7, Video 7.3: I've updated the BasicMed video to reflect the allowance for pilots operating under BasicMed to act as a safety pilot without having to also act as PIC of the flight.

Update 10-26-2022
Private Pilot Exam #3 was corrupted. I just uploaded the most current version having 60 questions instead of 30 questions. I do apologize for not catching this sooner.

Update 10-10-2022
Update the module titled, "The Chart Supplement." This module is found in the "Radio Operations," chapter, Section  10, video 10.1. I added an additional six minutes of video education here that explains several additional sections of the Chart Supplement booklet.

Update 7-15-2022
Added New Video to the Radio Navigation: The Frequency Flyer Program. This added video is titled, The Big Picture Perspective to Radio Navigation, and is added to Section 4, Module 4.1.

Update 6-4-2022
Updated Understanding Weather Part-5, Section 1, Module 1.16, titled "Rare Clouds."
I added an interaction allowing students to see several rare types of cloud formations.

Update 6-1-2022
Updated Airport Operations, Section 22, Module 22.1 on Avoiding Runway Incursions.
The FAA's new Hot Spot symbology was added to this module.

Update 5-23-2022
Updated "The Altimeter" in Flight Instruments, Section 3 (The Altimeter and VSI), Module 3.1

Update 4-26-2022
New video added to Aerodynamics Part-2, Section 8, Module 8.5: The Rate and Radius of Turn.
It's not uncommon for pilots to confuse the rate and radius of turn. Both are important to know for any number of reasons. Here's a video that explains the topic in some detail.

Update 4-8-2022
Updated Weight and Balance Module, Section 4, Module 4.2 "Advanced Stability Study. I update the second quarter of this video discussing how static stability works, making the explanation easier to understand.

Update 1-31-2022
Update all video graphics in Section 8, Area Navigation of the Radio Navigation Module.

Update 1-2-2022
Added an interaction on METARs in the "Weather Charts & Briefings" section, module 6.12.

Update 10-21-2021
Added slide "The Inner Ear in 3D" to Pilot Potpourri, Section 3.8."

Update 10-21-2021
Added "The Lift Equation" to  "Understanding Aerodynamics, Part-2," Section 1.6.

Update 10-17-2021
Added "The Forces in a Turn" to  "Understanding Aerodynamics, Part-2," Section 1.5.

Update 10-14-2021
Added "Runway Declared Distances" video in Airport Operations, Section 4, Video 4.7.

Update 10-8-2021
Updated VASI Videos and Added Tri-Color VASI Information to Airport Operations, Section 17.

Update 10-8-2021
Added "Cold Weather Engine Operations" module to The Airplane Engine , Part-2, Slide 6.3.

Update 9-1-2021
All module quiz questions now show the number of questions in the quiz. The final quiz in each section now has a counter to help you determine how many questions remain to be answered.

Update 7-15-2021
Added New Interaction to Airport Operations, Section 4, Slide 4.4

I've added an interaction that lets you see airport signs as they appear on the airport instead of being only isolated signs on paper.

Update 6-4-2021
Video Length Issue Fixed.
In Radio Navigation, Section 4.2, the video scrubber ran beyond the total video length of 90 seconds. This was fixed. If your the video scrub bar runs beyond the end of the video, then clear your browser's cache and view it again.

Updates 5-26-2021
Two Additional Videos Added:

Flight Instruments, Section 3, Video 3.5 (Temperature Differences and Your Altimeter) is new:

Airplane Performance, Section 3, Video 3.5 (The Four Altitudes) is new: