Rod Machado's 40-Hour eLearning Ground School Updates

New videos added to the eLearning ground school are identified below. Please review the updated video to add/update your knowledge. 

Added Videos or Fixes:

Update 6-4-2021
Video Length Issue Fixed.
In Radio Navigation, Section 4.2, the video scrubber ran beyond the total video length of 90 seconds. This was fixed. If your the video scrub bar runs beyond the end of the video, then clear your browser's cache and view it again.

Updates 5-26-2021
Two Additional Videos Added:

Flight Instruments, Section 3, Video 3.5 (Temperature Differences and Your Altimeter) is new:

Airplane Performance, Section 3, Video 3.5 (The Four Altitudes) is new:


Updates 4-11-2021
Airport Operations Quiz 12.3 and Final Quiz Correction
The answer shown below is correct. In module 12.0 on transponders, I incorrectly stated that code 7777 is to be used during military intercept, which true. But it's not to be used by you. Code 7777 is used by the military only. Civilian aircraft should not use this code. Instead, if you are intercepted, you should squawk code 7700.

Here's the update portion of that course module:

Flight Planning Part-2, Final Quiz
The answer to the following quiz question found in the final quiz in Part-2 of the flight planning section has been updated as shown below.


Update 3-24-2021
Added/Modified Videos to the Flight Planning Modules
1. Airport Operations/Section 14. Unicom and Multicom
Removed old question about unicom frequency when landing at Paramount (you should use 122.9 MHz when 10 miles out).
2. Radio Operations/Section 8. HIWAS removed from this section.
Mention of HIWAS removed since this service is no longer available.
2. Aviation Maps/Sections 1 and 2. sectional Charts/TAC Charts
Changed chart refresh date to 56 days from 6 months.
3. Pilot Potpourri/Section 7. The AIM and Chart Supplement
Module 7.1 changed to reflect that updates to Aeronautical Charts are no longer shown in the Chart Supplement. Instead, you must look in the NOTAMS to find these changes.

Update 2-15-2021
Added New Videos to these sections:
1. Pilot Potpourri: Section 5.2 - Scanning in the Pattern
2. Pilot Potpourri: Section 8.11 - Risk Management
3. Pilot Potpourri: Section 8.12 - Personal Minimums

Update 12-6-2020
Added Two, 60-Question, FAA Simulated Private Pilot Exams at the End of All Course Modules.

Update 12-5-2020
Added Videos to the Flight Planning Modules
Added new videos to Flight Planning Parts 1 and 2:
Part 1: Video added to help explain use of E6B in finding GS and WCA. See
            section 10.2 Windside Example.
Part 2: Video added to explain how to find IAS needed to fly a specific TAS for
            time/distance considerations. See Advanced Wind Problem in
            section 12.8.

Update 11-30-2020
Modified Section 4.0 in the Weight and Balance Module. Added New Video
Added new video on Static and Dynamic Stability to section 4.0 (Other CG Considerations). The new video is located on slide 4.2 and is titled, "Advanced Stability Study." 

Update 11-11-2020
Modified Section 8.9 to the Radio Navigation Module
Added video on the Moving Map Display to section 8.9 in Section 8 of the Radio Navigation module. Also added additional quiz questions on glass cockpits to that same section.

Update 10-16-2020
Modified Quiz Question in Quiz 6.3 on Using the HSI
The following question on the HSI was unanswerable. I've changed this so that the correct answer is answerable (and the correct answer is #A, or "Near the town of Shafter"). 

Update 9-20-2020
Modified Segment 4.1: Additional Sources of WX.

I've replaced the portion of this segment referring to HIWAS with the AFSS's newest means of obtaining METARS and TAFs via SMS--text messaging.  

Update 9-13-2020
Added Segment to Pilot Potpourri, Section 5.3 Scanning for Traffic
I've added a segment to to this module on how I scan for traffic in the pattern. 

Update 9-10-2020
Added Segment to Radio Navigation, Section 8.8 RAIM for VFR GPS
I've added a segment to module 8 in Section 8.8 explaining how RAIM works for VFR GPS operations."

Update 9-7-2020
Added Segment to Airport Operations, Section 4.4
I've added a segment to this module explaining movement and non-movement areas."
Updated FAR Part-1 Module, Section 7.2
I modified the graphic in this module explaining how long the first class medical is valid for use as a private pilot (60 calendar months if you're under 40 and 24 calendar months if you're 40 or over).

Update 8-5-2020

Updated Airport Operations Section Section 4.3
If you've downloaded the Airport Operations module to your iPad or Android tablet, please remove it and update it from your account window. I made substantial changes to module 4.3 titled, "Let's Get Our Taxi On."

Added to FAR Part-3: Section 21, FAR 91.205 VFR Equipment Required.
I've added a new video explaining the equipment and instruments required for day and night VFR flight.

Update 7-8-2020
Added to Understanding Aerodynamics Part-2: Section 8.5 
I've added a new video explaining pressure patterns around a wing and how they change with angle of attack. 

Update 6-28-2020
Added to Radio Navigation: "The VOR Orienter" Chapter 11, Section 5.8
I've added a seven minute video on how to use a paper memory aid that allows you to more easily answer abstract FAA questions on VOR orientation. 

Update 6-20-2020
Added to end of Course:  "How/Where to Take the FAA Knowledge Exam"
I've added an eight minute video and links on how and where to take the FAA knowledge exam at then end of the final ground school lesson.

Update 06-015-2020
Added to Flight Instruments, Section 5.4
Corrected two text errors and one audio error in segment.

Update 06-012-2020
Added to Cross Country Flight Planning: Part-2
Added the flight planning form used in course to Resources tab.

Update 06-010-2020
Added to Airport Operations
More Taxiway Signs and Runway Lights, Section 4.3
Added: Another 3D taxi around airport video.

Update 06-04-2020
Added to Airport Operations
Let's Get Our Taxi On, Section 3.2
Added: 3D taxi around a complex airport video.

Update 05-25-2020
Added to Flight Instruments, Section 5.4
Added: 3D View of the compass errors in action.

Update 05-19-2020
Added to Understanding Airspace, Part-1, Section 6.5

Added: 3D Class E Flyby at 700/1200 Feet AGL

Added to Understanding Airspace, Part-2, Section 3.2
Added: 3D Class D Flyby 

Added to Understanding Airspace, Part-2, Section 3.4
Added: 3D Class C Flyby  

Added to Understanding Airspace, Part-2, Section 5.2
Added: 3D Class B Flyby 

Added to Understanding Airspace, Part-2, Section 6.0
Added: ADS-B Requirements

Added to Understanding Airspace, Part-2, Section 9.3
Added: More on TFRs

Update 03-16-2020
Added to Understanding Aerodynamics, Part-1, Section 9.5

Added: Relative Wind and Induced Drag

Update 02-16-2020
Added to Understanding Aerodynamics, Part-1, Section 3.17

Added: Advanced Lift Discussion

Update 12-13-2019
Added to Weather Charts and Briefings, Section 10.4
Added: The Low Level Sig Prog Chart

Update 12-12-2019
Added to Radio Navigation - Section 5.9
Added: The VOR Minimum Operational Network (MON)


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