Rod's Bio

Always investigate who is teaching you!


Rod has taught...    

  • hundreds to fly from the right seat as a Certified Flight Instructor
  •  thousands as a classroom instructor
  • 350,000+ through his over 400 aviation articles
  • 100,000+ through his training materials
  • Several million with his flight lessons on MS Flight Simulator


... has degrees in Psychology and Aviation Science
... is Airline Transport Pilot rated with all fixed wing-flight powered instructor ratings
...started instructing student pilots full time in 1973
...taught grounds schools often to classrooms of 200 starting in 1975
...has taught many hundreds of aviation safety seminars—US, Canada & Europe
...has taught hundreds of Flight Instructor Revalidation Clinics—US, Canada & Europe
...10,000 hours flying were earned the HARD WAY—ONE flight instructor hour at a time and co-anchored ABC’s Wide World of Flying for five years
...was the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association's National Flight Instructor Spokesman for 15 years (AOPA is the largest aviation association)
... asked by Microsoft to design the lessons and be CFI voice for MS Flight Simulator
...was a columnist for AOPA Pilot magazine for 18 years
...was a columnist for Flight Training magazine for 25 years
...personally writes and illustrates all of his own training materials—unlike some who put their name on employee's work
...uses humor like no other to help you remember the lessons
...has Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido black belts and 20 years experience in Gracie Jujitsu  (Maybe why Rod never has difficulty collecting his instructor fees.)

 “Machado is energy,” wrote Capt. Dave Gwinn. “He is a Psychologist, an educator, a humorist and an entertainer. He is a verbal gymnast and any one (or all four!) of his professional identities may rebound at any time.”