Rod Machado's IFR Survival Manual Updates

Note: The IFR Survival eManual has been discontinued as of January 2020. This book is no longer being updated as of that date. For the latest in IFR information, I recommend Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot's Handbook (Third Edition) which contains nearly all the information found in the Survival and, of course, much much more.


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Rod Machado

Updates 1-4-2020
Page 21-5, Chapter 21. The following picture (Figure 6) has changed. Please note that the level 2 (yellow) and level 3 (red) return were eliminated from within the level 1 (green) return referenced by the arrow.

Page 21-8, Chapter 21. The following picture (Figure 9) has changed. Please note that the Level 3 (red) return was eliminated from within the Level 1 (green) and Level 2 (yellow) return referenced by the arrow.