Downloads Temporarily Suspended

Downloads of Machado eCourses Will be Temporarily Suspended Beginning on March 23

The company that supports the Articulate Mobile Player App (used to download my eCourses for off-line viewing) will remove this App from the Apple and Google stores on March 23. The Articulate company will then only support online courses due to Adobe's decision to abandon its support of Flash (software that allowed downloads to tablet devices).

NOT TO WORRY! I have an App in development that allows downloading of eCourse videos for offline viewing. In the meantime, your frequently-updated eCourses are ALWAYS AVAILABLE ONLINE via your account window at

NOTE: The download app is complete after being delayed several months due to Covid in India. I haven't uploaded it to the App or Google Play store yet. I will do so when my website update is completed next month.

I deeply appreciate your patience with this frustrating problem.

Rod Machado

All eCourses downloaded prior to March 23 should continue to play on tablet devices until Apple and Google remove Flash from their operating systems.