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Unique Instrument Pilot Ground School Images for Flight Instructors: Download ONLY

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Digital Images for Instructors to Teach IFR Ground School - Price: $39.95 (Download Only.) Updated to 2023/2024 Standards

Easy to use:
Rod Machado’s Instrument Pilot Slide Images: 1,176 JPG picture files in chapter folders and inserted in PowerPoint 2019 files. The PowerPoint files represent Chapters 1 through 17 of Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot Handbook. All pictures used in these PowerPoint presentations are also provided in 17 separate folders so you can build your own slideshow.
Technical Information: Pictures are JPG files in full-color format. Picture format appx. 8 X 6 inches @ 150 DPI). These images are made from the pictures, text, and illustrations found in Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot Handbook and are designed to follow its curriculum.
Price: $39.95.

Licensing Agreement: The images supplied in this download are for the professional use of the end user only and are the copyright of Rod Machado. You are licensed to use the copyrighted images for electronic presentations only. You may not use them in the service of an online educational course or an online recorded course. These images are not to be used in printed form (except for making overheads for ground school purposes only). These images may not be altered from their original form in any way. Unauthorized transmission, duplication, reproduction, reselling or distribution of the copyrighted images in any form is strictly prohibited. Please note that by using the images you have agreed to the terms of this licensing agreement.