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Rod Machado's Private/Commercial Pilot eWorkbook (eBook PDF)

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Rod Machado’s NEW Private/Commercial Pilot eWorkbook (eBook Only) – 303 color pages.
This eWorkbook is included FREE with the physical book, eBook, and Audiobook.

*Meets New ACS Test Standards! - Updated to 2023 Standards.
*All eBooks are viewable on any device that reads PDFs.
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As a programmed learning guide, this book will help prepare you for the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Exam and the FAA Commercial Pilot Knowledge Exam. The questions are organized to follow the presentation of material, section for section, as found in Rod's Private/Commercial Pilot Handbook. Not only will this book prepare you for the Private and Commercial Pilot Knowledge Exams, it will help you understand and absorb the knowledge needed to fly safely. You can test your knowledge and comprehension in each subject area with numerous weight and balance, performance, and flight planning problems. (Downloads are non-refundable.)

This Valuable One-Stop Workbook Contains:
 A thorough and complete self-study system when used with Rod Machado's Private/Commercial Pilot Handbook.
✈1,800+ general aviation knowledge and FAA Private & Commercial Pilot exam questions
✈Questions organized to follow the layout of Rod Machado's Private/Commercial Pilot Handbook so you can test your knowledge and comprehension in each subject area.
✈Color navigation charts, numerous weight-and-balance, performance, and flight planning problems
✈An FAA approved, Part 141 ground training syllabus for use in an FAA approved Part 141 ground school (once you seek FAA approval).

Sample pages for the Private Pilot Workbook (Low Res)

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