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Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot eGround School

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It's All Here. Your Complete IFR Library

THIS eCOURSE meets all new 2023 ACS standards. You have lifetime access and this course is always current and updated frequently. 

How to Access Your eLearning Course Modules.

  • IFR eLearning Course Demo
  • Please use the FREE CHROME BROWSER to access course links.
  • Updated to 2024 Standards/Meets 2024 ACS Standards
  • Videos can be downloaded to iPad/Android Tablet devices.


The breadth and depth of Rod’s Instrument Pilot eGround School is incredible. It provides everything you’ll need to understand critical IFR concepts at a deeper level–whether you’re a student just starting to work on your rating or an experienced instrument pilot looking to brush up. It really is the ultimate IFR knowledge library. It includes:

  • 26 complete online courses
  • 686 short video lessons
  • 50+ hours of focused training
  • 151 quizzes
  • 3 practice exams

Everything is presented in short lessons that tackle one topic at a time. Whenever you need to brush up on a topic, you can log in at your convenience and jump directly to that specific area. A simple-to-navigate menu structure makes it easy to find exactly what you need. For a busy pilot, this is gold. It beats watching hours of video or looking through textbooks in search of an answer.

Rod makes regular updates, so you can be confident you’ll be reviewing the latest regulations, procedures, and standards. You’ll be able to use this online library to keep your IFR knowledge current and rust-free for years.

Valuable Knowledge for All Instrument Pilots

Rod initially created the Instrument Pilot eGround School for Instrument Students. It covers the entire range of IFR topics that students must learn during their training for the rating. But, unlike a traditional ground school course just aimed at helping you pass a test, Rod explains WHY and HOW things work. In typical Machado fashion, he injects a healthy dose of fun into the explanations and makes dry topics interesting.

While great for students preparing for their IFR Knowledge Exams, the Instrument Pilot eGround School is equally helpful for Rusty Instrument Pilots looking to get proficient again, or prepare for an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC). Rod will help you fill in any gaps in your knowledge and re-familiarize yourself with important concepts you may have forgotten.

The Instrument Pilot eGround School is also a tremendous resource for Instrument Instructors. You’ll see how Rod teaches complex topics with ease, and keeps students engaged. 

eLearning Format Makes It Fun

Rod’s interactive eLearning courses are a great way to learn complex topics in a simple and engaging way. They offer laughs and lightness that will help you learn and retain without the usual drudgery.

The Instrument Pilot eGround School includes narration, video, animation, graphics, and interactive elements. Each course includes optional quizzes that help test your knowledge and reinforce important concepts.

It runs on a laptop or desktop computer, or on an iPad or Android tablet. All you need is an internet connection–you’ll have access to the entire library whenever and wherever you need it.  

Sample Video 1:

“Why Is A Procedure Turn Necessary?”

Rod explains why some approaches require PTs, while others don’t.


 Sample Video 2:

“GPS Approach Construction”

Rod explains how the safety margins on GPS approaches are distributed, and why it’s important to know.

Earn Your Certificate of Completion

This self-study course is considered sufficient preparation for the FAA Instrument Pilot Airplane knowledge exam as per the ground training required by CFAR 61.65(b) (1) through (10).

You’ll find the certificate at the end of “IFR Pilot Potpourri” and you can print and present it to your testing center when taking the knowledge exam.

Who Will Benefit From The Instrument Pilot eGround School?

  • Instrument Students

  1. Get the maximum value from your instrument flight lessons
  2. Prepare for the FAA instrument written test, oral, and checkride
  3. Learn from a CFII with nearly 50 years of aviation training experience.
  • Experienced Instrument Pilots

  1. Knock off the rust after a layoff from instrument flying
  2. Prepare for an upcoming Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)
  3. Brush up on areas where you feel weak
  • Instrument Instructors

  1. Learn best practices and refresh your knowledge
  2. See how Rod teaches complex IFR topics and makes them easy
  3. Gain a deeper understanding of core concepts and fundamentals

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there overlaps with other Machado IFR products?
Yes. This 50+hour eCourse contains some or all of Rod Machado's previously published eCourse material: Secrets of Instrument Approaches and Departures, Understanding Weather and The Art of the Instrument Scan.

How do I access this ground school?
The ground school is available online via your secure, password-protected account window. You can watch the videos on Windows PC, Mac, or iPad/Android tablet (iPhone/Android Phone, too but these devices are often too small to benefit from the complex graphics in this course).

Will my online access ever expire?
No. Once you register your login credentials, they will never expire. You will always have access to the program.

Can I view the lessons on my iPad or mobile device?
Yes, you can view this eCourse on a PC, Laptop, Mac, iPad, Android Tablet, or smartphone. You can only download eCourse videos to an iPad or Android Tablet for offline viewing.

Can I access the ground school from more than one computer or device?
Yes—with your login info, you can access the site as often as you want. 

Can I upload the accompanying eBooks to my device?
Yes. The accompanying ebooks can be uploaded to any device you own that reads PDFs. Click here to learn how to upload eBooks to your iPad/iPhone.

How do I know my computing device will play this eCourse?
Try the Demo link above. This course works on all devices. Nevertheless, I recommend that you use Chrome as your browser, not Safari, Firefox or anything else.

Does the course player remember where I left off?
Yes, it does. However, you need to clear the browser's cache on occasion when your browser acts up. This also clears cookies, which are used to remember where you stopped. So treat this course as you would a book and make a note of where you left off before you clear the cache.

Why is this course 50 hours long?
This is the most comprehensive and complete Instrument eGround School on the market. It contains all the material that you'd receive in an aviation college semester class on instrument flying (and much more!). It's not intended only for passing the knowledge exam. If you want a shorter eCourse or are only interested in passing the knowledge exam, please check out our competitor's courses. They're all fine courses except that they are much shorter--typically ranging from 15 to 25 hours in length. They simply can't cover in detail all the material contained in this eCourse. 

Do you track my test scores and tell me when I'm ready for the exam?
Sorry, no. My competitors do; I don't. My course is a self-study course where I expect you to learn "ALL" the material, not just 70% of it before you take your exam. Otherwise, what would be the purpose of studying a self-study course? That's why you'll take quite a few intermediate quizzes and review any areas in which you are deficient before moving on to another section of the course. At the end of each module you'll take a comprehensive quiz and have a very good idea of the areas in which you need to review. When you finish all the modules you'll be ready for the exam.

Can I obtain a refund if I am not happy?
If you've had this course for less than 10 days and haven't downloaded any of the accompanying ebooks or videos, then contact me to discuss a refund. Based on the video and eBook downloads I provide upfront, I cannot--CANNOT!--offer a refund beyond these stipulations. 

Note: This course in its entirety was authored, illustrated, animated, assembled and produced by Rod Machado. Main narration by Rod Machado, with portions narrated by captain Philip E. Hewitt and comedic impressionist Alec Cody. Any errors in this course are solely the responsibility of Rod Machado.