Rod Machado's 40-hour Private Pilot eLearning Ground School

Rod Machado

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  • THIS IS AN ONLINE eCOURSE that meets all new ACS 2021 standards
  • Course prepares you for the FAA Knowledge Exam and more.
  • Lifetime access. This course is always current.
  • Graduation certificate/test endorsement issued at end of course.
  • Course plays best in Chrome or Edge browsers
  • Try the eLearning Course Demo (use Chrome/Edge browser).
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For a limited time this course comes the following complimentary PDF eBooks: 
1. Rod Machado's Private Pilot eHandbook (a $49.95 value)
2. Rod Machado's Private Pilot eWorkbook (a $19.95 value)
3. Rod Machado's How to Fly an Airplane eHandbook (a $44.95 value)
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5. Rod Machado's Stick and Rudder Flight Training Syllabus
6. Rod Machado's Ground School Syllabus

Thinking about learning to fly? Do you want to fly for a living? Would you like to refresh your knowledge for your flight review? If so, then the place to start is with Rod Machado's new 40-hour+ private pilot eLearning ground school. This eLearning course prepares you to take the private pilot knowledge exam and provides the foundation of knowledge needed to make your flight training a more enjoyable experience. 

This highly animated, interactive eLearning course is one of the most comprehensive, private pilot ground training programs on the market today. Its 26-course modules span 40-hours of highly educational, fun and interactive aviation ground training. The depth of material covered in this course is what you'd find in your traditional single-semester, college aviation ground school.

Included at the end of each lesson are over 1,200+ FAA-like knowledge questions to reinforce what you've learned. And did I mention that this is also a fun and enjoyable course to study, too? I guess I did, but I don't want you to miss this. No more reading dry, stale, study material when you can learn in an enjoyable, interactive manner. At the end of this course, you'll be provided with a graduation certificate and endorsement to take the private pilot knowledge exam.

Here's just a tiny sampling of the topic-tiles found in this course.

  • Aerodynamics: The Wing is the Thing (3.9 Hrs)
  • Engines: Knowledge of Engines Is Power (3.45 Hrs)
  • Electrical Systems: Knowing What’s Watt (.5 Hrs)
  • Flight Instruments: Clocks, Tops & Toys (2.5 Hrs)
  • Federal Aviation Regulations: How FAR Can We Go? (4.6 Hrs)
  • Airport Operations: No Doctor Needed (2.45 Hrs)
  • Radio Operations: Aviation Spoken Here (1.4 Hrs)
  • Airspace: The Wild Blue, Green and Red Yonder (3.5 Hrs)
  • Aviation Maps: The Art of the Chart (.85 Hrs)
  • Radio Navigation: The Frequency Flyer Program (1.9 Hrs)
  • Understanding Weather: Looking for Friendly Skies (5.8 Hrs)
  • Weather Charts and Briefings: PIREPS, Progs and METARS (3.1 Hrs)
  • Flight Planning: Getting There From Here (3.2 Hrs)
  • Airplane Performance Charts: Know Before You Go (1.7 Hrs)
  • Weight and Balance: Let’s Wait and Balance (1.4 Hrs)
  • Pilot Potpourri: Neat Aeronautical Information (2.5 Hrs)

Please watch this video:

Note: This course contains the following "separately sold" eLearning modules: Understanding Airspace, Federal Aviation Regulations, Understanding Aerodynamics and Understanding Weather. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there overlaps with other Machado eCourse products?
Yes. This 40+hour eCourse contains the following "separately sold" eLearning modules: Understanding Airspace, Federal Aviation Regulations, Understanding Aerodynamics and Understanding Weather.

Is there a test endorsement issued at the end of the eCourse?
Yes. At the end of the eCourse in one of the last modules titled, "Pilot Potpourri," there is a graduation certificate issued. This is also your knowledge test endorsement. You'll fill in the appropriate information, print out the certificate and take it with you to the exam office.

How do I access this ground school?
The ground school is available online via your secure, password-protected account window. You can watch the videos on a Windows PC, Mac, iPad/Android tablet and iPhone/Android Phone.

Will my online access ever expire?
No. Once you register your login credentials, they will never expire. You will always have access to the program.

Can I view the lessons on my iPad or mobile device?
Yes, the ground school is optimized for online viewing (no downloads available at this time). You can watch the videos on any device with an internet connection, no downloading is required.

Can I access the ground school from more than one computer or device?
Yes—with your login info, you can access the site as often as you want. 

Can I upload the accompanying eBooks to my device?
Yes. The accompanying ebooks can be uploaded to any device you own that reads PDFs. Click here to learn how to upload eBooks to your iPad/iPhone.

How do I know my computing device will play this eCourse?
Try the Demo link above. This course works on all devices. Nevertheless, I recommend that you use Chrome as your browser, not Safari, Firefox or anything else.

Does the course player remember where I left off?
Yes, it does. However, you need to clear the browser's cache on occasion when your browser acts up. This also clears cookies, which are used to remember where you stopped. So treat this course as you would a book and make a note of where you left off before you clear the cache.

Why is this course 40+ hours long?
This is the most comprehensive and complete Private Pilot eGround School on the market. It contains all the material that you'd receive in an aviation college semester ground school (and much, much more, too!). It's not intended only for passing the knowledge exam. If you want a shorter eCourse or are only interested in passing the knowledge exam, please check out our competitor's courses. They're all fine courses except that they are much shorter--typically ranging from 15 to 25 hours in length. They simply can't cover in detail all the material contained in this eCourse. 

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