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Rod Machado's - How to Fly an Airplane Audiobook

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Rod Machado's How to Fly an Airplane Audiobook: 18.5 Hours of Narration by Rod Machado. Download or access files through your account window. All Products Meet New Test Standards!, All Products Meet New Test Standards! (Copyright 2022/Updated to 2022)

Audiobook files are downloadable to the Audiobook App located (via a link) in your account window. Log in to access the App.

This product consists of 18.5 hours of audio that's downloadable to Rod Machado's iPhone/Android-Phone Audiobook App located in your account window. 

This valuable, one-stop audiobook, contains the information necessary to:

✈Learn the basic fundamentals of flying any airplane.
✈Make flight training easier, less expensive and more enjoyable.
✈Master all the private and commercial checkride maneuvers.
✈Learn the “stick and rudder” philosophy of flying an airplane.
✈Prevent an airplane from accidentally stalling and spinning.
✈Allow you to learn to land an airplane quickly and enjoyably.
✈Make you a better instructor by providing unique teaching strategies and explanations for student training.

As a comprehensive information source audiobook, these recordings include:
✈Practical flying skills that rely on sights, sounds and tactile sensations.

✈The theory and practice of attitude flying for pilots of all levels.
✈Multiple strategies for evaluating when to round out and flare for landing.
✈Multiple methods for controlling the airplane’s glidepath and airspeed.
✈Strategies for evaluating the desired landing spot and glidepath angle.
✈Techniques for understanding and flying ground reference maneuvers.
✈Landing corrections for bounces, floating, porpoising and ballooning.
✈Advice, wisdom and insights based on practical flying experience.
✈Complex airplane operations, night flying, traffic pattern operations
✈Slow flight, 
stall/spin recognition and recovery, and much more.

Please note: Downloads are non-refundable.

Note-1: For some chapters, you’ll want to review the pictures, picture text, graphs and charts in the handbook. As such we recommend purchasing the eBook in combination with the audiobook.