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Rod Machado Live - 14 Audio Lectures (in MP3 Format)

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Rod Machado Live - 14 Audio Lectures (in MP3 Format)

Rod combined 10 of his best “live audience” recordings from the original "Laugh and Learn" tape series and added four additional live recordings to produce this exciting 14 program set (12.5 hours of recorded material). Included are Rod's popular Handling In-flight Emergencies seminar and his latest programs on defensive flying, the art of flying, the nonpilot's guide to landing an airplane, and three additional live programs containing some of Rod's funniest standup aviation humor. You can laugh and learn while driving, gardening, or building your own plane. MP3 files can be transferred to your MP3 player (iPhone, Android phone, etc.).   


Lecture-1 Laugh Your Empennage Off
Lecture-2 Samurai Airmanship
Lecture-3 Reducing Cockpit Stress Between the Sexes
Lecture-4 Cockpit Management
Lecture-5 An Aviation Sense of Humor
Lecture-6 Creative Solutions to Common Problems
Lecture-7 Handling In-flight Emergencies Part-1
Lecture-8 Handling In-flight Emergencies Part-2
Lecture-9 Handling In-flight Emergencies Part-3
Lecture-10 Handling In-flight Emergencies Part-4
Lecture-11 The Non-pilot’s Guide to Landing an Airplane
Lecture-12 Aviation Humor: The Light Stuff
Lecture-13 Yoke and Pedal: The Art of Flying
Lecture-14 More Defensive Flying  

Note-2: You can access these MP3 audiobook files in two ways. 
(1) You can log into your account on this site (or create an account using the same email address used to purchase the audiobook) to access each chapter mp3 file. Click link to play each chapter (this is live streaming and requires a wifi or 4G connection). 

(2) You can watch this video:

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