Machado Download App

Greetings Folks: 

Welcome to my Machado eCourse App for complimentary video downloads. This eCourse officially remains an online course. Downloads do not contain test questions, interactions, or reference material. You absolutely must return online to do these questions and interactions if you want to obtain the full benefit of this course. Use the downloads when you are not in an online environment. These downloads are meant only for iPads or Android Tablets, not phones or PCs!

To download eCourse modules, enter your account and desired eCourse. Then download either the IOS or Android App by clicking the link in the top row of the course table. Once the App has downloaded, click the appropriate IOS or Android course link in the table. This will open that eCourse module in the App. (PLEASE WATCH THIS EXPLAINER VIDEO.)

Finally, since some of these modules are relatively large (i.e., 500+mb), downloading can take time. So click the "Offline" button and let the download begin. Please download one module at a time. Be patient, grasshopper. This is especially important for Android Tablet users. 

Rod Machado

PS: Check the appropriate course update page and, when necessary, update your downloads by removing the module and downloading it again.