Machado Audiobook Download Info

Greetings Folks: 

Welcome to my Machado Audiobook (Beta) App for complimentary audiobook downloads.

This new audiobook app allows you to download .mp3 book chapter files from inside your account window. You can listen to these files offline. The App remembers your stopping location in the audio file. It also allows you to increase the speed of the spoken word.

To use this App, download it from the Apple store or Google Play store. Enter your account and click on the desired chapter file you wish to hear. The App will open automatically and 

at said, the App doesn't remember your last stopping position. So treat your stopping point just as you would a book by noting your location with paper and a writing instrument (no spray cans). I’ll add this feature later. 

Please remember that this App is a work in progress (think "Beta"). If it acts up, then turn it off and turn it back on again (the electrician's equivalent of hitting the TV with a shoe to fix it). Be patient with it. The App will improve with time, I promise. Feedback is also appreciated.

Finally, since some of these modules are relatively large (i.e., 500+mb), downloading can take time. So click the "Offline" button, then click the red "
X" in the top right-hand corner of the popup window, which closes the window and let the downloads take place in the background. You can download three, four or five of these modules at the same time while closing each popup window and doing other things while the downloads take place. 

Your patience is very much appreciated here.

Rod Machado

PS: Check the appropriate course update page and, when necessary, update your downloads by removing the module and downloading it again.