eCourse Troubleshooting

Greetings Folks:

Each of my eCourses modules typically range between 300mb and 400mb in size. Relatively speaking, these eCourse files are not very large. Nevertheless, some folks occasionally experience video jitters or lagging audio when streaming these videos. So here are a few suggestions for handling this problem.

  • Turn your computer off then turn it on again (no, don't hit it with your shoe, either). Sometimes, the solution is as easy as that.

  • The single biggest issue with streaming occurs when customers do not use the FREE Chrome browser to view eCourse files. Other browsers, such as Safari, do not handle the HTML5 coding of these courses properly. Then again, in the rare instance where Chrome doesn't work for you, try the "Microsoft Edge" browser, which seems to handle these courses just as well as Chrome. If that doesn't work, then try Firefox, with Safari as the last resort.

  • Make sure your browser is updated!

  • If you haven't cleared your browser cache (its history) since the French Revolution, this might be a good time to do so. It's easy to do and sometimes solves course streaming difficulties. Open this link to learn how to do this.

  • When you click on a course link, make sure the URL (the course link) has the "s" in the "https://...." link. On some computers the "s" goes missing and the computer interprets this as an unsecured link (it's not). This can prevent course module access. If the "s" is missing in the link, then add it and try the link again.

  • If you still aren't having success, then try the link on a different computing device and see if it works properly there. If it does, then you've reduced the issue to a problem with the first device.

  • If the eCourse module doesn't work properly on the second device, then return to the first device and do a speed test by clicking this URL: If you see download speeds less than 30 Mbps, then you might consider discontinuing other sources of internet usage (i.e., children playing "Game of Death--World Dominating Tour" on their computers) while you're using this course.

  • You might also try eliminating automatic backups to the Cloud or any other offline backup while you are using this course. Automatic offline backups can hog bandwidth and prevent courses from flowing smoothly.

  • Consider replacing your router to achieve the highest possible bandwidth. If you have a new router, then make sure its software and firmware are updated. Finally, you need to have at least a basic "reasonable" internet connection (i.e., bandwidth) to run this course. Talk to your internet service provider and ask what type of deals they offer for a higher speed internet connection.
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