Knowing Where to Look When Flaring for Landing

Knowing Where to Look When Flaring for Landing

Not sure where to look when flaring an airplane for landing? Let me help you find the correct spot to spy during the roundout and flare. It turns out that the advice we're often given about where to focus our vision during the landing flare doesn't work for everyone. In fact, it doesn't work for most student pilots when learning to land. Not only doesn't it not work for student pilots, but as a pilot ages, it also doesn't work for him or her. So here are a few tips for new pilots and older pilots that will help them land as soft as a butterfly with sore feet.


I use a cushion to make sure I can see over the nose until the very last seconds. I’ll try your technique and I bet it will help.

John Dill

Well done, Rod. Coincidentally, improving our landings as we age happens to be the topic of our “Pilot Proficiency” column in our April/May 2021 issue. Peripheral vision is one of the areas we covered. It is so important. Thank you!

Dave Weiman

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