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Understanding Airspace - Interactive eLearning Course

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Understanding Airspace for All Pilots- $29.95 (3 Hrs., 05 Min) 
THIS IS AN ONLINE COURSE that meets all new ACS standards. Updated to 2023 standards. You have lifetime access and this course is always current and updated frequently.

These eLearning courses work on all iThingy devices, Android devices, laptops, PCs and require an internet connection for access. 

Rod Machado's course on Understanding Airspace for all Pilots is a fun-filled course that helps all pilots better understand our present airspace system and a pilot's obligation when operating within it. This course is designed for anyone interested in passing their private, commercial or CFI knowledge or practical exam. It's also a valuable course for rusty pilots desiring to regain their currency. But this isn't just another course on airspace. It's a detailed, fun-filled course that provides explanations as to "Why" the airspace exists the way it does. It's not enough to know the rules. It's also very important to know the reason behind them.

In this course you'll learn everything that you would learn in a traditional airspace course including the following:

  • Why the modern airspace system is constructed the way it is.
  • Why Class A airspace begins at 18,000 feet (FL180).
  • Why Class E begins at either 700' or 1,200' AGL.
  • Why SVFR minimums are 1 mile and clear of clouds.
  • Why VFR in Class E below 10,000' is 3 miles.
  • Why VFR cloud clearance is often higher above than below the clouds.
  • Why VFR in Class G below 700' is 1 mile and clear of clouds.
  • Why pilots can estimate their own flight visibility for SVFR ops at satellite airports.
  • A great lesson on the history of our airspace system in the United States.
  • And so much more!
  • All eLearning courses come with accompanying text in "Notes" section of player.
  • Each course section comes with quizzes to test your knowledge.

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