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Ultimate Digital IFR Collection by Rod Machado

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Rod Machado's Complete Digital IFR Collection - 46% off the regular price!
All Products Meet New Test Standards! Copyright 2022/Updated to 2022
Printing is available with eBooks. Immediate access/download of products.

These products are the most current and updated products on the market! Your eBooks are yours forever. Keep the link and redownload to update your book for a period of 2 years. You have lifetime access to the ONLINE eCourses. They are always current and updated frequently.

Note: Most of the products in this Digital Collection are included in the Instrument Pilot eGround School.

Note: This Digital Package is based on eBooks and Audiobooks with three video programs for a total of 10-hours of video training. If you're interested in an all-video/animation training program, then please take a look at my 50-Hour Online Instrument Pilot eGround School

These eLearning courses work on all iThingy devices, Android devices, laptops and PCs. Please use Chrome browser to access eCourse links. Audiobooks and eCourses are downloadable for offline viewing via an App in your account window.

The complete instrument pilot training collection includes:

Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot's eHandbook (eBook Download)

Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot's Audiobook (MP3 Download)

Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot's Survival eManual (eBook Download)

✈ Radar Imagery Explained-Interactive eLearning Course (2.5 Hrs.)

✈ The Art of the Instrument Scan-Interactive eLearning Course (2.3 Hrs.)

Secrets of Instrument Approaches/Departures-Interactive eLearning Course (8 Hrs.)

Please note: Downloads are non-refundable. 

Note-1: For some chapters, you’ll want to review the pictures, picture text, graphs and charts in the handbook. As such we recommend purchasing the eBook in combination with the audiobook.