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Rod Machado's Complete "Digital" Private Pilot Collection

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Enjoy Rod Machado's private pilot products as a digital collection for 40% off! This collection gives you all the study material (and more) needed to begin your adventure at learning to fly and becoming a licensed private pilot. And, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, you'll receive one of Rod's popular aviation eLearning courses to make your experience even more enjoyable. This special will last only a very short time. Don't miss this LIMITED opportunity!  (Note: please click the "View/Find eCourse" tab to learn how to access your eLearning course.)

*All Products Meet New Test Standards! - Copyright 2022/Updated to 2022
*These products are the most current and updated products on the market!
*All eBooks are viewable on any device that reads PDFs.
*Your eBooks are yours forever. Keep the link and redownload to update your book for a period of 2 years.
*You have lifetime access and the ONLINE XC eCourse. It is always current and updated frequently.
*Most of these products are included in the Private Pilot eGround School.

CLICK Video Icon to the left (or tab above) to learn how to access your eLearning course. These eLearning courses work on all iThingy devices, Android devices, laptops and PCs. Please use Chrome browser to access eCourse links. 

The complete private pilot training system includes:
✈ Rod Machado's Private Pilot Handbook (eBook)
✈ Rod Machado's Private Pilot Workbook (eBook)
✈ Rod Machado's Private Pilot Audiobook (download)
✈ Rod Machado's How to Fly an Airplane Handbook (eBook)
✈ Rod Machado's How to Fly an Airplane Audiobook (download)
✈ Rod Machado's Plane Talk (eBook)
✈ Rod Machado's Private Pilot Flight Training Syllabus (eBook)
✈ Rod Machado's Private Pilot Ground School Syllabus (eBook)
✈( Bonus) The Best of Rod Machado Live - 14 Live Lectures (Download)
✈( Bonus) Rod's eLearning interactive course on Cross Country Flight Planning

The most comprehensive aviation text and training available! 
✈ The highest quality (and up-to-date) training materials available

✈ Exciting, interactive eLearning courses for web or download to iPad/Tablets
✈ A cost-effective system for learning about aviation
✈ A completely integrated course
✈ A portable—take it anywhere—training system
✈ A truly fun learning experience
✈ Products authored and illustrated (solely) by one highly experienced aviation educator

Rod Machado’s Private Pilot Handbook (657 full-color pages) Look Inside
Rod Machado’s How to Fly an Airplane Handbook (510 full-color pages) Look Inside

Note-1: For some chapters, you’ll want to review the pictures, picture text, graphs and charts in the handbook. As such we recommend purchasing the eBook in combination with the audiobook. 

 You can access these MP3 audiobook files in two ways. 
(1) You can log into your account on this site (or create an account using the same email address used to purchase the audiobook) to access each chapter mp3 file. Click the link to play each chapter (this is live streaming and requires a wifi or 4G connection). 

(2) Watch video below to learn how to access course links: 

Please note: Downloads are non-refundable.