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Basic Aerodynamics - Interactive eLearning Course

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Basic Aerodynamics - The Wing is the Thing - $24.95 (3 Hrs.) 
THIS IS AN ONLINE COURSE that meets all new ACS standards. Copyright 2022/Updated to 2022. You have lifetime access and this course is always current and updated frequently.

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This is a basic course in aerodynamics that incorporates Rod Machado's Laugh and Learn teaching style. It's an excellent course for anyone pursuing a sport, recreational or private pilot certificate. It's also an excellent course to help flight instructor applicants develop their teaching strategy and style.

Here are some of the things you'll learn in this course:

  • How lift develops.
  • Why lift still equals weight in a climb or descent.
  • Why excess power allows an airplane to climb.
  • The relationship between airspeed and angle of attack.
  • Why stall speed increases in a banked turn.
  • Why a spin occurs and how to recover from one.
  • The details of parasite and induced drag.
  • Why induced drag decreases as the angle of attack increases.
  • Why maximum endurance and range speeds are different. 
  • How maneuvering speed varies with weight and why.
  • How the airplane's V-g stress envelope is constructed.
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  • And much, much more.

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