Rod Machado's Private Pilot Handbook (2nd Edition) Update Page

Airport/Facility Directory now the Digital Chart Supplement
Note: The FAA has changed the name of the Airport/Facility Directory (A/FD) to the Digital Chart Supplement (d-CS). This change is updated in all ebooks as of 5-1-2017 and will be updated in all printed books upon the next reprinting.

The following are updates for the second edition of Rod Machado's Private Pilot Handbook.

The following are corrections or updates for Rod Machado's Private Pilot Handbook as of 11-1-2014. While the FAA can and does make major changes, the most recent changes are not major ones. Nevertheless, my books are updated with every printing. Changes for books that are two years old or older will not be listed below. All PDF eBooks are updated immediately when any important change occurs. Please look at the changes or corrections below and make a note of these changes on a Post-it and place it next to the area that changed in your book. 

Second Edition Corrections (Made on 12-19-2016): Chapter 13 Update
Chapter 13, Page M16 had a typo in the TAF time. The corrected time is shown in yellow highlight.

Second Edition Corrections (Made on 12-5-2016):
Chapter 6 Update
Text change in yellow highlight added to book.


Second Edition Corrections (Made on 12-1-2016): Chapter 5 Update
The insert picture titled "Air Error" was amended as follows on 12-1-2016. Text change in yellow highlight.


Second Edition Corrections (Made on 9-20-15): Chapter 7 Update
Chapter7 Update (12-5-15)

On page G32, Chapter-7, I’ve updated the words highlighted in yellow. Please note these changes in your book. 


Second Edition Corrections (Made on 9-20-15): Chapter 6 Update
Chapter 6 Update (9-20-15)

On page F-43, I’ve added the new requirement that transponders be turned on prior to movement on any airport surface.

 Chapter 7 Update (9-20-2015)
The figure on Page G-29 has been corrected to show the proper solid and dashed line placement at position “O” for the movement and non-movement areas at an airport. 


Second Edition Corrections (Made on 9-13-2014): Chapter 14 Update
Page N32: The picture insert for this page has changed. The "gallons added" for engine start, taxi and takeoff were changed to read "1.4 gallons."


Second Edition Corrections (Made on: 9-13-2014): Chapter 13 Update
Page M17: The picture insert on this page has changed as shown below: 

Second Edition Corrections (Made on: 9-13-2014): Chapter 9 Update
Page i32: The yellow highlighted areas have changed in the text and both figures (49 and 50) have also been updated: 

Second Edition Corrections (Made on: 9-13-2014): Chapter 5 Update
Page E24: The text insert in the lower right side (3rd balloon from the bottom) of the figure should read, "Gyro gimbal system allowing two degrees of motion (pitch and bank)."






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Flying is a transforming experience. If you'd like a good reason to get your son or daughter involved in flying, please read my article titled, "Reluctant Moms and Dads."

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