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eBook Availability
The ebook download link is available in the checkout window immediately after purchase. It’s also sent via email. The download link will not be found in the account window as are eCourse links. The ebook download link is valid for two years and allows you download the eBook at least 25 times as updated are made.

Amazon does our shipping. Typically, it’s about five to seven days before your book arrives, depending on location, weather, etc. 

The Private/Commercial eWorkbook is included with the purchase of the physical book titled, Rod Machado's Private/Commercial Pilot Handbook. It is not included with the Private/Commercial Pilot eHandbook.

Audiobook vs. eCourse
The narrative in the private and instrument audibooks is similar to the narrative found in each eCourse, respectively.

Audiobook and eBook
Each audiobook closely follows the narrative in each eBook. Some eBook sections, in particular the anecdotal stories from pilots, are not included in the audiobook.

Flight and Ground Training Syllabus
The flight training syllabus is for use by the flight instructor. If you look at the flight training syllabus introduction you’ll see that I recommend assigning homework based on the current “flight” lesson to be taught. If the next lesson deals with navigation, then the ground school topic to be studied is Navigation. the flight student can study the navigation chapter in the ebook or study the navigation section of the eCourse: one or the other. He doesn't have to study both, but the ebook can always be used as a quick reference.

The ground school syllabus is primarily for ground instructors in teaching ground school.

I’ve had high school students who began flight training before they were ready to learn to fly. This often happens when the student is too busy with other school projects. Starting flying lessons without having slotted a large portion of time for training usually ends in disappointment for the student and a damping of his enthusiasm for aviation. That’s something to be avoided. Just a thought based on what you wrote.

Rod Machado