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If you're learning to fly or thinking about learning to fly, then let me help you make the experience more efficient and more enjoyable. To become a private pilot you'll need to pass a knowledge text (60 questions) and a flight test. Here are two books that will help you pass both tests as well as a FREE flight training and ground training syllabus. 

1. Rod Machado's Private Pilot Handbook. This book (or eBook) prepares you for the basic knowledge (such as rules, procedures, aerodynamics, airspace, etc.) that you need to pass your sixty-question Private Pilot Knowledge Exam (also available in MP3 audiobook form). This is the only book you need to begin your preparation for the knowledge exam. If you don't have time to read, then all my books are available as audiobooks, too (scroll down). As an aid to your study, consider also purchasing my Private Pilot eWorkbook which acts as a programmed learning guide for the Handbook.

2. Rod Machado's How to Fly an Airplane Handbook.
This book (or eBook) teaches you how to fly the typical single-engine airplane (also available in MP3 audiobook form). It's an essential book when you begin your flying lessons.

3. Rod Machado's Flight Training Syllabus (FREE) This syllabus is based on the principles of "stick and rudder" flying. These concepts are absolutely essential for your development as a pilot. Feel free to download the Ground School Syllabus, too. It's an excellent guide to help you organize your study plan. Just add this to your cart and complete the checkout. 

Rod's Comment to Future Pilots
  All of my products were designed with several things in mind. First, they're designed to make learning fun (read some of the comments below). No more dry texts for you to slog through. And if reading isn't your thing, several of my books come in audiobook form, too.
   Second, these products are designed to make learning easier and more efficient. I tried to design each page of the book so that it has at least two graphics. Each graphic is accompanied by an explanation that is often different from the explanation found in the body text. This makes it easier to comprehend difficult concepts. And, I always  try explaining "why" things are the way they are, instead of just "how" things are.
  Third, these products are comprehensive. They cover the subjects you need to know to fly safely. Not only will they prepare you for the (written) FAA knowledge exams, they will also prepare you for your oral and practical flight exam, too. 
   Finally, some individuals prefer learning via audiobooks or interactive eLearning courses. My private pilots books are also available in audiobook form and many private pilot topics are covered in eLearning form, too (see below). 
   If you'd like to learn more about what it takes to earn your private pilot certificate, then click on the Become a Pilot menu above and read the information listed under each tab.



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