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Thank you for visiting my newest site. And thank you for letting me help you learn to fly or learn more about flying. In this site you'll find many resources that I hope will assist you in enjoying aviation. There are many articles under the Articles menu that answer questions you might have. My Blog also has something for everyone, including a minimalist flight training syllabus for instructors to videos on piloting techniques ranging from "When to Begin the Landing Flare" to interesting aspects of psychology such as "The Troxler Effect." So please feel free to explore, and if you have any questions, use the contact link at the top of the page to contact me. I answer all my emails personally. Sometimes it takes a few days to get to them all, but I do...eventually.

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Latest Posts

  • Hot Props

    Crocodiles and Propellers - Not Much Difference Sometimes we need to be reminded just how dangerous a propeller can be.  The first video below shows a fellow pulling a propeller through to check for nicks when the engine started and... read more

  • Striving for Too Much, Too Soon - Fantasy Flight Training

    Early in the previous decade, the FAA began heavily promoting a flight training concept known as scenario-based training (SBT). SBT was billed as a highly structured script of real-world experiences to address aviation training objectives in an operational environment. Hailed... read more

  • Rod Machado's "FREE" Private Pilot Flight Training Syllabus

    I'd like to offer you two different syllabi (FREE). The first is my Private Pilot Flight Training Syllabus. This is intended for use by the flight instructor as well as the student. Both should have a copy for their own... read more

  • Flight Instructor Training Resources

    I'm often asked about resources for CFI applicants. Here are a few resources that you might find useful. When I discover more, I'll be happy to list them here.  Rod Machado’s Private Pilot Handbook - A  must have book to help... read more

  • In Defense of Stick and Rudder Training

    It happened in the early 1990s. That was the time we saw the diminishing influence of WWII flight instructors (and their instructional progeny). Our pilots didn’t fly jets during that war. Instead, they flew airplanes that demanded exceptional stick and... read more

  • Bad Instructors: How They Behave and Why You Should Know

    I'm curious about your experience with bad flight instructors and hope you'll add to this blog with  your comments. Of course, most flight instructors do a fantastic job. I just can't say that LOUD enough: Most flight instructors do a fantastic... read more

  • Aviation Poetry

    Novelist Arnold Bennett once wrote, “I myself have seen it empty buildings that had been full; and I know that it will scatter a crowd more quickly than a hose-pipe, hornets, or the rumour of plague. Even to murmur it... read more

  • The Airline Pilot Shortage

    When a humorist is asked about the looming pilot shortage, he proposes booster seats to solve the problem. When the aviation industry is asked about it, it offers a range of well-meaning and often practical solutions. Not wanting to be... read more

  • Lies, Big Lies & Statistics

    Have you ever heard someone say that flying commercially is safer than walking? I have. Every time I hear this statement I wonder why we don't put insurance machines in shoe stores. Hmmm. Statistics are impressive and persuasive. But before... read more

  • Is Flying Dangerous?

    There I was at my local airport café being pummeled by anti-aviation propaganda. "Flying is dangerous," said an experienced (and easily overheard) instructor on the other side of the room speaking to a table full of relatively new pilots. I... read more

  • Mere Fear

    Fear.     It’s a nasty little word that most pilots treat like someone’s bad toupee. Don’t think about it; don’t speak of it and, if it attracts your attention, pretend you don’t notice it. We often try to ignore fear... read more

  • Why We Make Excuses Not to Fly

    Name one thing that you'd spend thousands of dollars on, develop a relationship with, care a great deal for, then might fear being around. Any parent who said "teenagers" picked the second of two possible answers. The first answer is... read more